Homeland Season 3 Spoilers Alert

Homeland Season 3 Spoilers

Homeland Season 3 Spoilers

Homeland Season 3 Spoiler Alert for Premiere date along with all new trailer!

Homeland Season 3 trailer has been revealed and can be found in the trailer tab of this website.

The trailer reveals several spoilers, but also gives us a window into several key aspects of the season and where it aims to take the viewers and show enthusiasts. We can inference Claire Danes (Carrie Mathison) and Damian Lewis’ (Nicholas Brody) characters. Viewers will be able to take away the emotional aspect of this years season and what it will reveal in them.

After all we have seen thus far with both characters, it’s easy to assume, as well as take away from what Lewis has told the press, there WILL BE a struggle for him. He reveals to the press that his character will have to split from Carrie and question his existence… does he still want to carry on… does he want to still live. From all that has gone on, through his training in the armed forces, to his deployment, to coming back with a culture shock of being a war hero, to being brainwashed, to his marriage going south, to him constantly cheating with a CIA operative… it’s very easy to see how ones mind can go over the deep end. This is something very important that people should be thinking about while watching the up coming season.

Homeland Season 3 spoilers have revealed new characters that will light up this season.


Homeland Season 3 Spoilers Alert!


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