Homeland Characters

Homeland Characters

homeland characters

Below are the homeland characters.

Carrie Mathison


Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). She was tipped off, while in Iraq about a turned US military officer who would be later known as Nicholas Brody.

Nicholas Brody


Nicholas Brody is a US Marine War Hero, whom was a POW for several years. He is supposedly turned by Al-Qaeda. Nicholas Brody is still trying to regain his life and memory of the past few years.

Jessica Brody


Jessica Bordy is the wife of Nicholas Brody. Her marriage is in jeopardy as she believes that Brody is cheating on her with someone else.

Chris Brody


Chris Brody is the son of Jessica and Nicholas Brody.

Dana Brody


Daughter to Jessica and Nicholas Brody. As a young adolescent girl, she pushes her parents to near suicide, yet has a great relationship with her father.

Saul Berenson


Mentor to Carrie Mathison, helps her to surveillance Nicholas Brody and believes in her instincts because she tend to be right much more than wrong.

Peter Quinn


By the book, wants to do his job and not get more off of Brody than he can. Turns later in the show to become an asset.

Mira Berenson


Wife to Saul.

Dar Adal


Sen. Andrew Lockhart


Maggie Mathison


Sister to Carrie, and is Carrie’s rock.


Homeland Characters!



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